LERRAC OUTILLAGE, precision tools

ZA Les Prés Mouchets
25500 Les Fins
+33 (0)3 81 67 18 28

The undertaking LERRAC OUTILLAGE was created in 1950, in the Doubs Chaillexon. Since 1999, she has been established for, next to Switzerland.

LERRAC OUTILLAGE, screwdriver is a manufacturer of clock and watch industry and tools for luxury watches. The product range is composed of a wide choice of screwdrivers for clocks and watches, jewellery, Swiss jewellery and optics. The screwdrivers and tools are fitted with special flat strip, cross-head, bocfils oil-makers.

The company also offers fixed steel blades interchangeable screwdriver, cross-head, keys to tube and may also carry out special tools or techniques, in small, medium-size or large series.

LERRAC OUTILLAGE tools are recognised and adopted by jewellers and watchmakers, entier opticians in the world.