From the idea to the precious object

Designers, engineers, highly qualified technicians and toolmakers combine the know-how of precision craftsmen with innovative technologies to create the metal components that give every collection its sparkle...

The inspiration for exceptional items

Building on their logstanding experience and know-how, the design bureaux, departments R&D devise creative and innovative solutions for the development of parts, mechanisms or functions in a comprehensive vision of the finished product or of a complete line of products.


 The force of technology

Involving all the trade of mechanical engineering, optics, micromechanics, surface treatment and decoration, Luxe&Tech mutualises skills. Complementarity of expertise, quality and commitment last generation equipment to ensure a competitive offer.



The unique appearance of your product

From the single object to small or mdeium-sized runs, elegance  comes in all shades and may be expressed in the shape, appearance or colour. The artistic and technical know-how sublime the image of your product. Bringing together a broad and complementary offer, including laser marking, coating, lacquering and enamelling, the finish and decoration combine orignality and refinement.