SOCRATE INDUSTRIE, special machinery

ZA du Bas de la chaux - 16 rue des Dolines
25500 Le Bélieu
+33 (0)3 81 68 53 48

SOCRATE INDUSTRIE is active in the design and manufacture of machinery and processes.

SOCRATE INDUSTRIE has developped multiple skills to provide their customers with a full monitoring of their projects, from design to the installation at their premises.

Thanks to their experience, SOCRATE INDUSTRIE is now specialised and recognised in the complex fielf of vacuum equipment, such as CVD, PVD, CBE.

Through their partners, SOCRATE INDUSTRIE create and develop machines to grow synthetic diamond, water treatment units, or prototype reactors for deposition of thin layer.

Our key areas of activity : industry, research, medical and food industry.

SOCRATE INDUSTRIE is an innovative company, highly experimented in project leading. Together, build the technologies of futur