BERTHET HORLOGERIE, Mechanical Watches

25 Grande Rue
25470 Charmauvilles
+33 (0)3 81 44 22 76

For nearly 130 years, BERTHET HORLOGERIE, based in Paris and Villers-Le-Lac, has always been asserted in the watchmaking and more specifically in the watches with complications. Manufacturing BERTHET HORLOGERIE has a unique expertise in the design and implementation of mechanisms to complications tabled BERTHET, watchmakers, watch and clock case (men-women-other watches) automatic complications, watches, pocket watches from other watches . 

The BERTHET HORLOGERIE manufacture has a unique know-how in the design and manufacture of BERTHET complication-compliant watchmaking mechanisms, watch cases (Man-Lady-Gusset), watches with automatic complications, pocket watches with gussets ...


More than 50 watch designs of poche BERTHET HORLOGERIE

BERTHET HORLOGERIE offers its clients watch faithful replicas, performed with old techniques, tools, materials and time.

BERTHET HORLOGERIE also designs and manufactures, watches more contemporary design, but largely inspired by historically rich heritage.

BERTHET HORLOGERIE  produces boxes for lady watches, complications registred BERTHET on mechanical watches and finished watches.